Struggled with DPDR and 
looking to find a solution?

You’re in the right place. You do not have to suffer alone. I created this course based on all the resources that helped me heal, and I’m looking forward to helping you on your recovery journey.


Hi, I am

Mary Jane Walsh


I started to support my clients on their healing journey.

This course was born out of 10 years of living with DPDR; 10 years of frustration where I felt like no course, no doctor, no medication could help me. To truly recover, I had to build my own toolkit, and now I've grown that toolkit and brought it to you in a format that truly works.

I have loved putting together this DPDR healing program, and I am excited to support you on your recovery journey.




The DPDR Recovery Course

This is the course I have built using all the resources that helped me heal. You'll find videos, exercises, checklists, practical applications, and more - everything you need to jumpstart your healing journey!


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There is no "magic pill" for

depersonalization & derealization recovery.

But with the right tools and support, you can heal and begin to take back your life.

Can you relate to any of these DPDR symptoms?

☐ You have little or no sensation in the body. You literally can’t feel anything.

☐ You feel like you are outside of your body, like a “floating” feeling, or you feel completely detached.

☐ You have difficulty experiencing emotions of love, warmth, joy, peace, hunger, connection, fatigue (some express that they feel empty, lifeless or dead on the inside), and/or you feel like you have NO connection to your emotions at all. You feel like you have no soul.

☐ You feel disconnected from other people, even family members or friends; you feel unable to relate to them or participate in shared experiences.

☐ You feel like you’re living in a different reality, floating in a dream world. You have a sense that the surrounding environment or other people are not real.

☐ You feel worried, depressed, and anxious about your state, and you’re afraid that you will never recover.

☐ You have experienced a loss of joy and fun and you feel a sense of longing for the person you used to be.

☐ You think that your DPDR symptoms may be a punishment from God or karma.

☐ You worry that there is something neurologically wrong with your brain that’s causing your symptoms.

☐ You feel anger, frustration, rage, and anxiety that you are living in this state.

☐ You feel hopeless like you have tried EVERYTHING (going to doctors, reading books and articles, participating in social media communities), and you STILL have not recovered.

☐ You have a tremendous sense of pressure to recover so you can get back to living your life because there’s so much life you want to live!

Yes, there is so much life to live! With the right tools, you can recover.
I will share the exact tools that helped me recover from DPDR.
I am here to support you!


What People Are Saying

The course gave me a tremendous sense of power!

Jenna T

I feel more secure and more relaxed after working with Mary Jane. I am able to breathe more deeply. I always feel more connected to myself after doing the exercises she teaches.

Rayan A.

Learning from someone who went through the same stuff as I did and that you completely recovered made me feel more confident about recovering.

Michael B.

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